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Welcome to the first Despicable Me fan community!! Where we like villains who have tea parties with little girls.


1. Absolutely no fighting, trolling, hating, sneezing, burping, or farting. Alright? Leave the evil sh*t to Gru please.

2. Stay on topic. News about the actors or the directors is perfectly welcome, as is sequel news, but don't be posting about, I dunno, Avatar on here.

3. I will not say no to mature-rated fanfiction or fanart. Just please to be warning people, ok? I shall also be encouraging slash. What I will not tolerate is pairing any of the girls with any of the adults while they are underage. You wanna make Margo 21 so she can get it on with Vector? Fine and dandy. But no underage sex of any kind.

4. If you see someone misbehaving, don't mini-mod. Bring it right to my attention. I know your heart's in the right place, but that's why we HAVE mods :)

5. Introduction posts are welcome, but tell us about yourself!

6. Above all, Have fun! This movie is meant as wacky adorable fun, and I want this community to be the same.